Recommendations and policy guidance

  • 17-July-2020


    OECD Recommendation on consumer product safety

    This recommendation outlines the key elements that should be at the core of consumer product safety frameworks at domestic and international levels. It includes a level of flexibility in order to ensure continued relevance and applicability across a variety of contexts, including in relation to product safety issues emerging from e-commerce, new technologies, and the COVID-19 crisis.

  • 16-June-2014


    Button Battery Safety

    Many devices using small batteries have battery compartments that are easy to open and most people do not know there are safety concerns. Consumers worldwide need to be aware of the serious injuries that small batteries shaped like coins and buttons can cause when swallowed by children.

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  • 20-November-2009

    English, , 295kb

    Consumer Education - Policy Recommendations of the OECD's Committee on Consumer Policy

    Governments, working together with consumer organisations, teachers’ and parents’ associations and other civil society groups, should do more to promote consumer education. The aim should be to help consumers develop critical thinking and raise awareness, according to new policy recommendations (“Consumer Education: Policy recommendations of the OECD’s Committee on Consumer Education”) recently endorsed by the OECD’s Committee on

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  • 20-June-2008

    English, , 764kb

    OECD Policy Guidance on Online Identity Theft

    The policy guidance calls upon countries to implement effective educational measures to prevent consumers from becoming victims on-line.

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