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Consumer Policy Toolkit Workshop: Communication Services


OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France, 25 October 2011


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Consumer Policy Toolkit


In July 2010, the Committee completed work on a Consumer Policy toolkit . The Toolkit is a practical guide designed to aid policy makers in identifying and evaluating consumer problems and in developing effective policy responses. It is seen as being particularly well-suited for dealing with complex markets, where issues related to information and behavioural economics are evident.

The Committee is now conducting a series of workshops to see how policies in key markets could be strengthened, using the framework and approaches developed in the Toolkit. Communication services was selected as the first case study, in light of the significant challenges that consumers, policy makers, regulators and business are all facing.





 Workshop programme


The workshop examined the methods and techniques that governments, industry and other stakeholders are employing to address consumer problems in communication services. The discussion covered Internet, telephone and cable services. It focused on the following issues:

  • Billing, e.g., unclear invoices, unauthoriszed false charges,
  • Contract terms, e.g., unfairvorable terms and conditions, excessive restrictirestrictions, complexity, inadequate disclsoureve conditions,
  • Misleading and fraudulent claims, e.g., exaggerated orand distorted statements, misleadingoverstated advertising.

This workshop was jointly organised by the OECD Committee on Consumer Policy (CCP) in co-operation with the Committee on Information, Communications and Computer Policy (ICCP) and its Working Party on Communication Infrastructures and Services Policy (CISP).

It drew on these bodies’ work, which is referenced below in the section on “further reading”.

The workshop agenda and presentations, an assessment template, a glossary of terms and the workshop summary report are also available.



Contacts and Related events


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 Foresight Forum: Developments in Mobile Communication. The forum took place on 26 October 2011 (the day after the workshop), at the OECD Headquarters.



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