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Conference on Globalisation and the Knowledge Economy, 9 October 2006: Agenda and presentations


Agenda and presentations

Last update: 24 October 2006

Conference Chair: Jørgen Rosted, Director, Division for Research and Analysis (FORA), Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, Denmark; and Chair of OECD Committee on Industry and Business Environment (CIBE)

1. Introductory session (9.00–9.30)

  • Keynote Speaker: Luc Rousseau, Director-General - Enterprise, Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, France
  • Keynote Speaker: Nobuo Tanaka, Director for Science, Technology and Industry, OECD

2. New evidence on globalisation and its impacts: where do we stand? (9.30–11.00)

Trends in globalisation. Impacts of globalisation on productivity and competitiveness. Costs and benefits of globalisation. Changes in the nature of manufacturing and the shift to services.  Impact of major emerging market economies.


  • Presentation by the OECD Secretariat on ”New evidence on global integration patterns and impacts of globalisation": Dr. Koen de Backer, Economist, Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry
  • Prof. Christian de Boissieu, President of the Prime Minister's Economic Analysis Council, France
  • Elie Cohen, CEO, Siemens Business Services France: “Effects of globalisation on firms”
  • Prof. Rupa Chanda, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore: “Global sourcing of  services: The case of India”
  • General discussion

3. Country experiences and responses to globalisation   (11.20–13.00)

Presentation on national policies developed in response to globalisation. Policy initiatives on offshoring. Does nationality of the control of the firm matter? Policy approaches to internationalisation of R&D. Multilateral aspects of every country pursuing “attractiveness”.

  • Moderator: Jane Corwin, Director, Office of Trade Policy Analysis, International Trade Administration, US Department of Commerce, and Vice Chair of CIBE
  • Tsuyoshi Nakai, Director-General, Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) Paris, European Coordination Centre: “The experience of Japan : “Beyond the délocalisations and new economic partnerships with East Asian and OECD regions”
  • Dr. Andrea Gavosto, Chief Economist, Telecom Italia
  • Prof. Angel Villalobos Rodriguez, Undersecretary for International Trade Negotiations, Ministry of Economy, Mexico: "The experiences and responses of Mexico to globalisation: challenges and opportunities"
  • Andrew McDowell, Chief Economist, Forfás, “Building upon Ireland’s success in global integration”
  • General discussion

4. Moving up the value chain (14.30–16.15)

Developments in the globalisation of high-value-added activities such as R&D and technology-intensive services. Developments in the mobility of skills. Moving up the value chain in the advanced OECD economies. Ambitions and prospects of emerging economies in competing in higher value-added activities.

  • Moderator: Ken Warwick, Deputy Chief Economic Adviser, Department of Trade and Industry United Kingdom, and Vice Chair of CIBE
  • Dirk Pilat, Head of Science and Technology Policy Division, OECD: “The challenge of developing a knowledge-based economy”
  • Prof. Antoni Subirá, Professor of Finance, Instituto Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IESE), University of Navarra, Member of the Aho Group: "Regional policies for competitiveness"
  • Takayuki Sumita, Director, Technology Promotion Division, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan: “Innovation: a key for Global Knowledge-based Economy”
  • Prof. Max von Zedtwitz, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, China: “Prospects for China's Internationalisation of Science, Technology and R&D”
  • General discussion

5. Panel discussion on research and policy agenda - globalisation, competitiveness and growth: what do we need to understand? (16.30–18.00)

Elements of a national strategy in the globalised economy. Between trying to pick the winners and laissez-faire, what mix and approach is appropriate for public policy to foster competitiveness of an entire nation in the global economy? What list of analytical and policy questions still need to be answered in order to answer the grand question of making globalisation serve the interests of broad majorities and be perceived to do so? How to make existing answers understood and known better by opinion leaders? What do politicians need in order to build support for appropriate policies? In what ways can the OECD help?

  • Moderator: Jørgen Rosted, Director, Division for Research and Analysis (FORA), Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, Denmark and Chair of CIBE
  • Prof. John Zysman, Co-Director of Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE), University of California at Berkeley
  • Prof. Jean Paul Betbèze, Chief Economist and Director of Economic Studies Crédit Agricole SA, and Member of the Prime Minister's Economic Analysis Council, France): “A special role for high-speed SMEs?”
  • Dr. John Llewellyn, Senior Economic Policy Advisor for Europe, Lehman Brothers
  • General discussion

Closing remarks by Jørgen Rosted, Conference Chair.