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OECD Global Conference on Telecommunications Policy for the Digital Economy, Dubai, 21-23 January 2002



This Conference is jointly organised by the OECD Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy Division 's Working Party on Telecommunications and Information Services Policy and the Government of Dubai ( Dubai Internet City).


The objective of the OECD Global Conference on Telecommunications Policy for the Digital Economy is to raise awareness and provide a catalyst for change among the participating entities concerning the role of the reform of telecommunications regulation. Emphasis will be placed on the role of telecommunication competition in economic change, the impact of competition on the improvement of infrastructure and services, and improved performance of telecommunication operators in terms of technology, customer choice, prices and quality of service. Stress will also be placed on how an improved telecommunications environment can facilitate the participation of businesses, consumers and governments in participating in global electronic commerce, thereby enabling participation in the global information society.

The Conference will attempt to achieve its objective by providing participants with an overview of experiences, policy issues and developments in telecommunications market liberalisation, its impacts and benefits, and by highlighting best practice policy and regulatory frameworks. The Conference will present the experiences and lessons of OECD and non-OECD countries as well as the main reasons why market liberalisation is necessary, the costs of maintaining closed markets, the economic benefits of competition and market restructuring, and the main policy and institutional requirements for change. Case studies, chosen to illustrate examples of specific policy actions and their consequences, will come from the OECD Member countries as well as most regions where OECD has co-operation with non-members.

A special session on 23 January will enable participants to discuss a wide range of specific issues in detail with the expert speakers.


Agenda and Presentations

News Release

OECD Emerging Market Economy Forum on Electronic Commerce , Dubai, 16-17 January 2001


This Conference will bring together approximately 400 participants from OECD Member countries, Non-member countries, Business representatives, NGOs and other international and regional organisations, OECD Secretariat. Participation in line with the substance of the event, will be global but it is expected that there will be strong participation from the region, including Dubai, the U.A.E. and all over the Middle East.


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