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Comparing domain name administration in OECD countries


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Short abstract:


The domain name system (DNS) assists users to navigate the Internet. Domain names are used to translate Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which are represented by numbers, into letters for the convenience of Internet users. All computer hosts connected to the Internet have IP addresses and these addresses are nearly always represented by domain names. The aim of this paper is to provide comparative

information on the administration of domain names across the OECD area.



Table of contents:



Summary of current status of ccTLDs   

Policy comparison in ccTLD operations

Location requirements  

Application limits  

Trademark policies  

Information availability  

Comparison of policies regarding the “WHOIS?” service  

Available information on the “WHOIS?” service

“WHOIS?” information availability and privacy regulation  

The accuracy of the “WHOIS?” data 

ICANN’s efforts to improve the accuracy of the “WHOIS?” data  





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