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OECD Communications Outlook 2013

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Pages: 316
11 July 2013 (pdf)
23 August 2013 (print)


Published every two years, the OECD Communications Outlook provides an extensive range of indicators for the development of different communications networks and compares performance indicators such as revenue, investment, employment and prices for service throughout the OECD area.


Access to the underlying Excel spreadsheets used to create the tables and graphs is available from both the printed and electronic editions via the StatLinks provided on each page.


Publication of the OECD Communications Outlook alternates every year with the OECD Internet Economy Outlook (latest edition published in October 2012).

Table of contents


Executive Summary


Chapter 1. Main trends in the communications industry
Market growth | Revenue and investment | The outlook for traffic growth | Networks and services: Smarter, broader and a return to growth


Chapter 2. Recent communication policy developments
Overall trends in competition | Regulatory trends | The world goes wireless | Developments in selected countries


Chapter 3. Telecommunication market size
Revenue trends per access path | Mobile revenue | Investment | Voice traffic | Employment trends | Trade in communication equipment


Chapter 4. Network dimensions and development
Fixed line developments | Mobile developments | Broadband developments | Mobile broadband | Broadband speeds


Chapter 5. Internet infrastructure
Networks on the Internet | Address space: IPv4 and IPv6 | IPv6 address space | IPv6 transit autonomous systems and routed autonomous systems | IPv6 web content | IPv6 user penetration | IPv6 and mobile broadband networks | IPv6 policy initiatives | Domain name system | Registrations by domains | Traffic on the Internet | Patterns of use | Internet hosts | Web servers | Secure servers

Chapter 6. Broadcasting and audiovisual content
Audio | Developments in television | Broadcasting platforms | The Internet as a broadcasting platform


Chapter 7. Main trends in pricing
Price basket methodologies


Chapter 8. Recent developments in household and individual communication expenditures and use
ICT household expenditure in OECD countries | Mobile telephones as a share of telecommunication services expenditure | The pervasiveness of mobile telephones | Mobile telephone activities: From voice to multimedia
Annex: Definition of communication expenditures | Definition of audiovisual, photographic and information processing equipment




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