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Blue Sky Forum: Parallel sessions speakers


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Parallel sessions: Monday 19 | Tuesday 20 | Wednesday 21

Monday 19 September

Data analytics for science and innovation

 Moderator: Katy Börner, Indiana University, United States

Bruce A. Weinberg

Professor at Ohio State University and Research Associate at the NBER and IZA. 

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Catherine Beaudry

Canada Research Chair in the creation, development and the commercialization of innovation’, Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal.

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Sam Arts

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, KU Leuven. 



Ahmet K. Suerdem

Full time Professor at Istanbul Bilgi University and Senior Academic visitor at the London School of Economics (LSE).

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Technology diffusion and breakthroughs

Moderator: Mosahid Khan, WIPO


Tatiana Kiseleva

Researcher on economic policy analysis within the program "Innovation and Science" at Centraal Planbureau, The Hague, Netherlands.

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Margaret M. Clements

Founder of the Center for Knowledge Diffusion incorporates, United States.




Nils C. Newman

President of Search Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

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Antonio Vezzani

Industrial Research and Innovation, European Commission.

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Developing novel indicators from scientometrics

Moderator: Laura Cruz, Institute of Public Goods and Policies, Spain


Henk F. Moed

Independent scientific advisor, and visiting professor at the Sapienza University of Rome.

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Wolfgang Glänzel

Director of the Centre for R&D Monitoring (ECOOM) of the Flemish government and Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business, at KU Leuven, Belgium.

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Vincent Larivière

Associate professor of information science at the École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information, l’Université de Montréal, Canada.

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Jian Wang

Postdoctoral fellow at KU Leuven, Belgium.

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Elizabeth Amann

Professor of Literary Studies at Ghent University, Belgium.

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Capturing innovation in firms: do we get it right?

 Moderator: Louise Earl, Statistics Canada


Wesley M. Cohen

Professor of Economics and Management and the Frederick C. Joerg Distinguished Professor of Business Administration in the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, United States.

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Christian Rammer

Senior researcher at ZEW’s Department of Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics, Germany.

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Machteld Hoskens

Senior researcher in the Innovation Studies Group at the Centre for Research & Development Monitoring (ECOOM), at KU Leuven, Belgium.

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Vitaliy Roud

Senior lecturer at Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK), Department of Educational Programmes, Russia.


John Jankowski

Director of the Research & Development Statistics Program within the National Science Foundation’s National Center for Science & Engineering Statistics (NCSES), United States.

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Leveraging the potential of administrative data for science and innovation policy

Moderator: Adam Jaffe, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, New Zealand


Christopher Pece

Senior Analyst with the National Science Foundation’s National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, United States.

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Kazuyuki Motohashi

Professor, Department of Technology Management for Innovation (TMI), School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, Japan.

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Mike Taylor

Head of Metrics Development at Digital Science.

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Moon Jung Kang 

Researcher at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) Europe, Germany.

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Tuesday 20 September

Innovation and IP: what data gaps limit policy discussion?

 Moderator: : Alan Marco, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, USA

Gaétan de Rassenfosse

Assistant Professor Tenure Track in Science & Technology Policy at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.


Andre Barbe

Economist at the U.S. International Trade Commission.

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Julio Raffo

Senior Economic Officer at the Economic and Statistics Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 

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Knut Blind

Professor of Innovation Economics at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany.

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Diana Hicks

Professor in the School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, United States, specializing in metrics for science and technology policy.



Researchers on the move

 Moderator: Emilda B. Rivers, National Science Foundation, USA

Cassidy R. Sugimoto

Researcher within the domain of scholarly communication and scientometrics, examining the formal and informal ways in which knowledge is produced, disseminated, and consumed. 

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Daniel Schiller

Professor of Economic and Social Geography, Institute for Geography and Geology, at University of Greifswald, Germany.

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Simone Sasso

Phd fellow at the United Nation University UNU MERIT, Maastricht, Netherlands.


 Marco Seeber

Postdoctoral researcher at CHEGG, Ghent University, Belgium.

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Interaction and impacts of STI policies

 Moderator: Pierre Therrien, Department for Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Canada 

Dirk Czarnitzki

Professor in the field of economics of innovation, at KU Leuven, Belgium.

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Mart Laatsit

Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Business and Politics at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

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Virginie Maghe

Ph.D. student in innovation economics at the International Centre for Innovation, Technology and Education Studies (iCite) of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM), Belgium.

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Ryan Kelly

Economist at Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Canada.


Capturing hidden innovators

 Moderator: Vladimir Lopez-Bassols, Independent S&T policy consultant, USA

Fred Gault

Professorial Fellow at UNU-MERIT in the Netherlands, a Professor Extraordinaire at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in South Africa and a member of the TUT Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI).

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Jeroen P.J. de Jong

Chair of Professor in Marketing & Business Development at Utrecht University School of Economics (USE).

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Jacques Charmes

Emeritus research director at the French Scientific Research Institute for Development (IRD), at the Centre for Population and Development (CEPED: University Paris Descartes-Ined-IRD), France.

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Carter Walter Bloch

Professor and Research Director at the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark.

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Anthony Arundel

Professor of Innovation at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Australia and concurrently a Professorial Fellow at MERIT.

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STI actors: the potential of direct surveys

 Moderator: Fernando Galindo-Rueda, OECD

Sadao Nagaoka

Professor in the Faculty of Economics at Tokyo Keizai University and a Faculty Fellow at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI).

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Luis Sanz Menéndez

Research Professor of OPIS, Institute of Public Goods and Policies (IPP), Department of Science and Innovation, Spain.

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Masatsura Igami

Director of the research unit for science and technology analysis and indicators, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), Japan.

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Wednesday 21 September

 Beyond indicators: the innovation and productivity nexus

 Moderator: Mariagrazia Squicciarini, OECD

Giovanni Dosi

is a Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute of Economics at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, Italy.


Jonathan Haskel

Professor of Economics at Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London and Academic Director of the School.


Pierre Mohnen

Professor of microeconometrics of technical change at Maastricht University and Professorial Fellow at UNU-MERIT. He is also Associated Fellow at CIRANO, Canada, Senior Research Associate at the Technology and Management for Development Center at Oxford University and Guest Professor at KOF/ETH Zürich.

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Towards standards for a common research infrastructure

 Moderator: Cecilia Cabello, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, Spain

Lisa Murphy and Matteo Razzanelli

Senior Strategy Analyst, Science Foundation, Ireland.

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Inge Van Nieuwerburgh

Coordinator of scholarly communications at Ghent University. She is member of several Expert Groups on Open Science, among others the Expert Group on Open Science of the European University Association.


Sophie Biesenbender

Research associate of the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies – DZHW, Germany.

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Salil Gunashekar

Senior analyst at RAND Europe working in the area of innovation, science and technology policy.

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Peter van den Besselaar

Full professor at the VU University Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), department of organization sciences and the Network Institute.

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Andrea Bonaccorsi

Full Professor of Economics and Management at the School of Engineering of the University of Pisa.

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Developing novel approaches to measure human capital and innovation 

 Moderator: John Gawalt, National Science Foundation, USA

Julia Schneider

Senior innovation researcher at the research unit Wissenschaftsstatistik of Stifterverband, a large German promoter of education, science and innovation.

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Sam Arts

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, KU Leuven, Belgium.

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Carol Robbins

Senior analyst, Science and Engineering Indicators, NCSES at the National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia, United States.

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 Surveying innovation in different contexts

 Moderator: : Tomohiro Ijichi, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Japan

Silvia Muzi

Program Coordinator in the Enterprise Analysis Unit-WBG Development Economics Vice-Presidency.

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Fernando Vargas

Ph.D. Fellow in Economics and Governance with a specialisation in the economics and policy studies of technical change, at UNU-MERIT and the University of Maastricht.


Timothy R. Wojan

Senior Economist in the Rural Economy Branch, Resource and Rural Economics Division, US Department of Agriculture.

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Leonid Gokhberg

First Vice-Rector of the Higher School of Economics (HSE), Russia. He is also Director of HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK).


Trust, culture and citizen's engagement in science and innovation 

 Moderator: Carthage Smith, OECD

Martin W. Bauer

Professor of Social Psychology and Research Methodology at the London School of Economics (LSE).

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Go Yoshizawa

Associate Professor of Biomedical Ethics and Public Policy, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University, Japan.

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Iván Gerardo Peyré Tartaruga

Researcher in Geography of Innovation at the Siegfried Emanuel Heuser Economics and Statistics Foundation (FEE), Brazil.

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Ryuma Shineha

Tenured assistant professor at Seijo University.

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