Statistical Resources


Find statistics:


Statistics by topic, through a direct access to our real-time data warehouse, OECD.Stat Extracts


Keep informed:


Statistical news releases  on consumer prices, leading indicators, GDP, labour costs, unemployment rates and trade

Statistics Brief,  which covers recent developments in specific statistical areas, like benchmark PPPs, foreign markets and more

Statistical Newsletter  on the current activities and future plans of the extended OECD statistical network

Statistics Working Papers, a varied collection of  technical, methodological or statistical policy papers relevant to statistical work at OECD

OECD Work on Statistics (brochure), which provides an overview of OECD statistics by topic

OECD Statistical Programme of Work, a detailed description of the OECD individual statistical activities, highlighting their purpose, objectives, outputs, publications and databases

 Statistical references:


Glossary of Statistical Terms  

Manuals and guidelines by topic for international methodological references in major statistical areas

Our working methods:


OECD Quality Framework, designed to enable the OECD to systematically assess, compare and improve statistics

OECD Data Collection Programme  provides a comprehensive list of OECD statistical data collection programmes classified by theme

Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX), an initiative to foster standards for the exchange of statistical information

Statistical Information System (SIS) developed by the OECD to improve the efficiency of data and metadata collection, validation, processing, storage and dissemination


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