OECD Conference on wealth inequalities: measurement and policies, 26 April 2018


In recent years, wealth inequality has become the subject of increasing debate among policy-makers, the media, and the general public. It has been argued that high wealth inequality, through the generation of capital income, has the potential to deepen income inequality, and in turn, harm economic growth in the long term. However, the issues associated with the distribution of wealth go well beyond the purely economic dimension, with high wealth inequality also being linked to negative impacts on social cohesion, high economic vulnerability, unequal political capital, and limited social mobility and equality of opportunity.

On 26 April, researchers, policy-makers and stakeholders from across OECD member countries will come together at the OECD in Boulogne, to discuss the latest evidence on the nature of inequalities in the distribution of household wealth, their implications for society and the challenges for policy-makers that they raise


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