HLEG Workshop on Economic Insecurity


On 4 March 2016, the High-Level Expert Group on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress (HLEG), hosted by the OECD, held a thematic workshop on Economic Insecurity in New York, United States, organised in collaboration with the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, the Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies, and the Ford Foundation. 

Insecurity is important in its own right. The security of individuals against major risks to their economic standing is crucial to their well-being, the dynamics of their lives, and their economic and political behavior. Insecurity is also linked to other fundamental features of economic life — most notably, inequality. Considerations of inequality need to factor in the certainty of income (or wealth) as well as its level. Moreover, inequality of risk exposure is a major aspect of economic inequality. Finally, most of the largest social programs that mitigate inequality contain substantial elements of insurance as well as redistribution.

The workshop took stock of the best thinking and practice regarding the measurement and analysis of economic insecurity, and considered five questions:

  • What are the best measures of insecurity for comparing insecurity over time and across individuals, households, nations, and other relevant levels of analysis?
  • What are the best data for developing such measures and what do they show (and what new sources would need to be established going forward to develop better measures)?
  • What is the relationship between economic insecurity and other measures of “economic performance and social progress,” including inequality?
  • What are the main causes of variation in economic insecurity across individuals, households, nations, and other relevant analytic units?
  • What are the policy implications that might flow out of this research?

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HLEG Workshop on Economic Insecurity

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