OECD Inclusive ASEAN Tokyo Ministerial March 2018



The OECD held its first Southeast Asia Regional Programme (SEARP) Ministerial Conference in Tokyo, Japan on 8-9 March 2018 in cooperation with the Government of Japan. The events included the Ministerial Forum on Inclusive ASEAN and the Steering Group of the SEARP. OECD Members and Southeast Asian countries were represented at Ministerial or Vice-Ministerial level expressing strong support and appreciation for the OECD SEARP.

Under the umbrella theme of “Inclusive ASEAN,” the Ministerial Conference addressed the issue from two angles, “Inclusiveness through Connectivity” and “Inclusiveness through Participation,” taking into account the particularities of the region. After almost four years of working in the region, Ministers and Vice Ministers all underlined that SEARP is now an established platform supporting economic policy reforms on a broad range of issues, fostering regional integration efforts, and bringing countries from the region closer to the OECD. Ministers reiterated the need for making additional efforts to focus more on inclusiveness considerations going forward in the “Next Phase of SEARP”. Ministers called on OECD to work on digitalisation and competition and agreed that the SEARP needs to focus on mainstreaming gender aspects through all parts of the programme.

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2018 OECD SEARP Ministerial Conference

 Group Photo of the Head of Delegations at the 2018 Ministerial Forum

 Opening remarks



Ministerial Meeting Agenda

Ministerial Background Session Note


Steering Group Meeting Agenda

Joint Communiqué


The role of SME policies in fostering inclusiveness in ASEAN


Inclusive ASEAN - Selected outputs of the Southeast Asia Regional Programme


The OECD Southeast Asia Regional Programme (SEARP)


The SEARP brochure


The SEARP activities report


Active with Southeast Asia



Inclusive Business in ASEAN



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