South Africa

Review of Higher Education in Regional and City Development 2011-2012: The Free State Province, South Africa


Photo by Igno van Niekerk


The OECD review report for Free State is available here.

The executive summary is available here.


By participating in the OECD review the region hopes to:

  • Develop a regional partnership between the state, the private sector and universities
  • Gain knowledge and strategise how the region could benefit from its universities
  • Assist the universities to strategise their institutional planning within the regional context


Key issues in the Free State

  • Declining primary sector (agriculture and mining)
  • Economic growth below national average
  • High levels of poverty
  • Negative impact of HIV/AIDS
  • Relatively young population


More about the Free State Province, its higher education institutions and their role in regional development


Regional Co-ordinator in the Free State

Lochner Marais
Centre for Development Support (IB 100)
University of the Free State
PO Box 339
9300 South Africa

Tel: 27-(0)51-4012978

Fax: 27(0)514013424
E-mail: MaraisJGL[at]





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