South Africa

Global Forum on Social Equity, Economic Growth and Good Governance


Johannesburg, South Africa, 23-24 November 2001

Good public governance, economic growth and social equity are policy objectives commonly shared by governments in all parts of the world. How best to achieve these goals was the topic of discussion at the Global Forum onSocial Equity, Economic Growth and Good Governance in Johannesburg on 23-24 November 2001. The Forum was jointly organized by the South African Government and the OECD as part of the OECD-Southern African Dialogue on Governance .

This forum discussed different national approaches to strengthening the triangulation of good public governance, economic growth and social equity. Below are links to selected speeches and presentations.

The forum brought together senior representatives from governments, industry, labor and civil society in OECD and African countries as well as participants from other parts of the world.

Selected papers delivered at the conference:
  • Speechdelivered by Mr. Seiichi Kondo,Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD
  • Speech delivered by Mr. Tony Hutton,Executive Director of the OECD and former Director of the OECD Public Management Service
  • Welcome address by Mr. A.S. Minty, Deputy Director-General (Multilateral), South AfricanDepartment of Foreign Affairs
  • Address on "State Reform, Economic Transformation and Growth: The Case of Spain" by Mr. Juan Manuel Eguiagaray Ucelay, Vice-President of the Economy Committee of the Spanish Congress
  • Address on "Locus for Effective State Intervention: Central, Regional, Local?" by Mr. Andrew Boraine, Advisor to the Minister, South African Ministry of Provincial and Local Government
  • Address on "Modernising the Public Sector: The Example of New Zealand" by Mr. David Caygill, Former Minister of Finance, New Zealand

See also the News Release about the Forum.