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Pensions at a Glance: Pension calculator


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How much of your earnings will be replaced when you retire?  What is the impact of taxes on your future income? 
Find out what future pension entitlements will be in your country.
The OECD has taken all the rules and regulations of the legislated pension systems and put these into a simple pensions calculator so that you can assess your future entitlement.  The calculator is based on an individual entering the labour market in 2006 and incorporates all legislated changes in the pension system. These changes are assumed to already be in place and apply throughout your entire working life. Further details of the process can be found in the methodology section of Pensions at a Glance. 
For each country, you can choose the age at which you entered the labour market, the rate of return in place for funded, defined contribution pensions, if relevant, as well as your earnings level.  Results can be calculated separately for men and women.  Then click on the Calculate button to show the results.

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