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Key charts on the Home and Family Environment

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Home and Family Environment indicators

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Living arrangements            
  Children's living arrangements   OECD.Stat     .PDF .XLS
Jobs and income            
  Children in working and in jobless households   OECD.Stat     .PDF .XLS
  Average disposable household income for children   OECD.Stat        
  Children in relative income poverty Interactive chart OECD.Stat     .PDF .XLS
Children's basic material needs            
  Children deprived of basic clothing   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Children deprived of basic nutrition   OECD.Stat .XLS      
Parenting activities and parent-child relationships            
  Parental time with children   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Parent-child communication            
  - Adolescents who report talking to their parents before or after school   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Adolescents whose parents report spending time "just talking to my child" every day or almost every day   OECD.Stat .XLS      
Housing conditions            
  Children in overcrowded households   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Children in households that lack basic facilities   OECD.Stat .XLS      
Neighbourhood and environmental quality            
  Children living in areas with problems with crime or violence   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Children living in areas with environmental problems   OECD.Stat .XLS      



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