Key charts on Health and Safety

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Health and Safety indicators


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Infant health            
  Infant mortality Interactive chart OECD.Stat     .PDF .XLS
  Low weight births   OECD.Stat     .PDF .XLS
  Child vaccination Interactive chart OECD.Stat     .PDF .XLS
Child and adolescent health            
  Adolescents skipping meals   OECD.Stat .XLS       
  Adolescents doing exercise            
  - Adolescents who do no exercise   OECD.Stat .XLS       
  - Adolescents who do regular vigorous exercise   OECD.Stat .XLS       
  Children who are overweight or obese   OECD.Stat .XLS    .PDF .XLS
  Children who express positive and negative self-image            
  - Children who believe their body is "about right"   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  - Children who believe their body is "much too thin" or "much too fat"   OECD.Stat .XLS      
Risk behaviours            
  Children who are regular smokers   OECD.Stat .XLS   .PDF .XLS
  Children who have been drunk at least twice   OECD.Stat .XLS   .PDF .XLS



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