Activities and life satisfaction

Key charts on Activities and Life Satisfaction

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Activities and Life Satisfaction indicators

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Basic social and leisure activities            
  Children not participating in basic social activities   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Children not participating in basic leisure activities   OECD.Stat .XLS      
Adolescent activities outside of school            
  Adolescents who watch TV or play video games   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Adolescents who use the internet and social networks   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Adolescents who are high or extreme internet users   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Adolescents who do paid work   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Adolescents who do unpaid work in the home   OECD.Stat .XLS      
  Adolescents and young adults who participate in voluntary work and who are members of organisations         .PDF .XLS
Adolescent subjective well-being            
  Adolescent's life satisfaction            
      Adolescents reporting high life satisfaction   OECD.Stat .XLS      
      Adolescents reporting low life satisfaction   OECD.Stat .XLS      
Other adolescent activities and outcomes            
  Adolescents not in education or employment  Interactive chart OECD.Stat     .PDF .XLS
  Adolescent fertility rates   OECD.Stat     .PDF .XLS
  Adolescent suicide rates         .PDF .XLS



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