OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Slovenia


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Pages: 188
Published: July 2012
ISBN 978-92-64-16722-3

Over the past two decades, Slovenia has made very substantial achievements and had notable success in economic and social development, underpinned by a transformation to a market-based economy and economic integration into European markets. This success opened the way for Slovenia’s accession to an enlarging European Union, membership in the European Monetary Union, and adherence to the Schengen agreement which greatly facilitates cross-border movement in much of the European continent. In a number of respects Slovenia has been leading among new EU Member States.

This review offers a comprehensive assessment of Slovenia's innovation system, focusing on the role of government. It provides concrete recommendations and identifies good practices.

This publication is part of the ongoing OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy series.

Table of contents


Overall Assessment and Recommendations

Chapter 1. Economic performance and framework conditions for innovation

  • Macroeconomic performance and productivity growth
  • International trade and foreign direct investment
  • Structural change: Production and international trade
  • Framework conditions for innovation
  • The role of innovation in Slovenia’s future economic development

Chapter 2. Performance in science, technology and innovation in an international comparison

  • Innovation inputs
  • Innovation outputs
  • International benchmarking of the system

Chapter 3. Innovation actors

  • Business sector
  • Universities (higher education institutions)
  • Public research organisations (PROs)
  • Interactions and linkages
  • Human resources for S&T and innovation

Chapter 4. The role of government

  • The evolution of Slovenia’s science, technology and innovation policy
  • Governance and the policy mix
  • Governance structures in supporting public research and business sector innovation
  • National sources for funding innovation
  • European funding and internationalisation
  • Strategic tasks of innovation policy – a functional assessment

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