Education & Skills Online purchasers will be able to download assessment results from the administration portal.  The purchaser will own the data and therefore has the responsibility of notifying individuals of their rights and obtaining any permission necessary for sharing the data that has been collected. Only the purchaser will have access to the data collected.

No personal information from test-takers (names, email addresses, phone numbers) is collected by Education & Skills Online;  therefore, no personal information is stored in the system. The authorisation code is the unique identifier of the individual test-taker.

The following data fields will be included in the data download spreadsheet:

General Information Data Fields (for all package types)

  • Authorisation Code
  • Institution Name & ID
  • Language
  • Background questionnaire answers (9)
  • Start date and time (for each module)
  • Last accessed date and time (for each module)

Core Cognitive Data Fields

  • Literacy and Numeracy scale scores
  • Reading Components scores (rate & accuracy) for vocabulary, sentence comprehension, and passage comprehension
  • Problem solving scale score

Non-cognitive Data Fields

Skill Use

  • Levels for Reading, Writing, Numeracy, and ICT at work and at home (8 scores)
  • Responses to 6 questions about computer use

Career Interest & Intentionality

  • Scores for each of the 6 interest categories
  • ISCO-08 codes and job fit level for current and intended jobs
  • ISCO-08 codes for the 20 best-fitting jobs
  • ISCO-08 codes for the 10 poorest-fitting jobs
  • Levels for questions about intention of finding a new job/seeking training

Subjective Well-Being and Health

  • Life Satisfaction, Positive Affect, and Negative Affect levels (low/medium/high)
  • Subjective Health level (good/fair/poor)
  • BMI class
  • Sleep, Diet, Smoking, and Physical Activity levels

Behavioral Competencies (only available from March 2018 to June 2020)

  • Percentile rank for each of the 13 behavioral competencies