Education & Skills Online is available on the internet on a fee-paying basis. In order to access the assessment, purchasers will need to fill out a purchasing form and send it to the email indicated in this form. Purchasers will receive access to the test in the form of codes that they may download from the online administration portal.  Test takers receive a code they must enter in order to staart the test from any computer that meets the system requirements.

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Administration Portal

After purchasing Education & Skills Online, purchasers will be given access to an online administration portal where they can manage their test inventory and view test results. The online administration portal allows institutions to:

  • Monitor test completion
  • Download test result data in an Excel spreadsheet for analysis
  • Search for and view score reports for tests that have been taken
  • Create additional administration portal users for their organisation
  • Create up to two organisational levels below the purchasing institution to organise their test codes
  • Read the technical documentation  

Asssessment Data

Purchasers will be able to download the assessment results from the administration portal.  The results will be attached to an authorisation code as the unique identifier of the individual test-taker. No personal information from test-takers (names, email addresses, phone numbers) will be demanded or collected by Education & Skills Online;  therefore, no personal information is stored in the system.

The purchaser will own the data and will have exclusive access to the data collected in the administration portal. No one else will have access to the data unless individual test-takers grant access to it.

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Education & Skills Online will provide score reports that include the following:

  • Descriptive reports that characterise strengths and weaknesses in the skill areas assessed
  • Scores that will be reported in terms of described proficiency levels that capture the progression of task complexity and difficulty for the cognitive domains
  • Summary information for each of the non-cognitive areas
  • Comparative information for both the cognitive and non-cognitive areas that will benchmark results against selected national and international PIAAC results

Purchasers of the test can download the individual records of test-takers (background information and assessment results) in spreadsheet format for analysis.

Education & Skills Online is designed to provide reliable estimates of the proficiency of individual test-takers in literacy, numeracy and problem solving in technology-rich environments on the relevant PIAAC scales. Some users may wish to use Education & Skills online to estimate the proficiency of particular groups in the population. The extent to which the results from Education & Skills Online provide reliable estimates of the proficiency of groups will depend on a range of factors in addition to the reliability and validity of the Education & Skills Online instruments. These include sample design and selection, the level and pattern of non-response and the level of standardisation of the testing situation. It is the responsibility of users to ensure that good research practice is followed in the conduct and reporting of any research based on the use of Education & Skills Online.

The OECD takes no responsibility for the results and conclusions of studies that use data derived from Education & Skills Online. In reporting the results of any studies using results from Education & Skills Online, users should not claim or imply that the OECD endorses the findings and conclusions in any way or that the OECD is the source of these results. 

Users should acknowledge that Education & Skills Online is a product of the OECD, and that its development has been supported by the European Commission, in any publications that report results from studies using the tool.

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