List of Speakers / liste des intervenants




  • Ahmed Aboutaleb, State Secretary for Social Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, The Netherlands
  • Carmen Alcaide Guindo, President, National Statistical Institute, Spain
  • Dr. Odeh Rashed Al-Jayyousi, Regional Director of the West/Central Asia and North Africa, IUCN WESCANA
  • Roger Allen, Chairman, Allen & Buckeridge, Australia
  • Joaquín Almunia, Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, European Commission
  • Savas Alpay, General Director Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries, OIC, Turkey
  • Emilio Álvarez Icaza, Chairman, Commission for Human Rights of Mexico City, Mexico
  • Michael Arrington, TechCrunch, USA
  • Cathryn Ashley-Jones, Deputy Government Statistician, Social and Population Statistics, Statistics New Zealand


  • Ali Babacan, Minister of State in Charge of the Economy and Chief Negotiator for European Union Affairs, Turkey
  • Shaida Badiee, Director of Development Data Group, World Bank
  • Fernando Ballestero, Ambassador, Permanent Delegation of Spain to the OECD, OECD
  • Gary Banks, Chairman, Productivity Commission, Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision, Australia
  • Luca Barbone, Director, Poverty Reduction Group, World Bank
  • Fabrizio Barca, General Director at Ministry of Economy and Finance, Italy
  • Luigi Biggeri, President of the Italian National Statistical Institute, ISTAT, Italy 
  • Fatih Birol, Chief Economist, International Energy Agency, IEA
  • Adam Bly, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Seed Media Group
  • Joan Boer, Ambassador, Permanent Delegation of the Netherlands to the OECD
  • Peter Bosch, Deputy Head of the IPCC WG3 Technical Support Unit
  • Ann-Kristin Boström, Director of Education, Swedish National Agency for School Improvement
  • François Bourguignon, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank
  • Paul Brest, President, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, USA  
  • Simon Briscoe, Statistics Editor, Financial Times, UK
  • Maarten Brouwer, Effectiveness and Quality Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
  • Susan Brutschy, President, Applied Survey Research, USA 
  • Stephen Bubb, CEO, Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations,ACEVO, UK 


  • Marcel Canoy, Economic Adviser, European Commission
  • João Paulo Ribeiro Capobianco, Executive Secretary, Brazilian Ministry of Environment
  • Siobhan Carey, Chief Statistician, Department for International Development, UK  
  • Margaret Chan, Director General, World Health Organization, WHO
  • Shailaja Chandra, Executive Director, National Population Stabilisation Fund, India 
  • Jonathan Charles, Former Foreign Correspondent for the BBC
  • Jean-Michel Charpin, Director General of the French National Statistical Institute, INSEE
  • Paul Cheung, Director of the United Nations Statistics Division, UNSD
  • Len Cook, Research Associate, Waikato University and Former Director of the ONS, UK and Statistics New Zealand
  • Clayton Cosgrove, Minister of Statistics, New Zealand
  • Jean-Philippe Cotis, Chief Economist, OECD
  • Anthony Courakis, Ambassador, Permanent Delegation of Greece to the OECD
  • Richard T. Curtin, Professor and Director, Surveys of Consumers, University of Michigan, USA


  • Tim Davis, Head, Entrepreneurship Indicators Project, OECD
  • Ömer Demír, President of the Turkish Statistical Institute, TURKSTAT, Turkey 
  • Kemal Derviş, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP
  • Ömer Dinçer, Former Undersecretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, Turkey
  • Ali Dogramaci, Rector, Bilkent University, Turkey
  • Paul Dolan, Professor of Economics at Tanaka Business School, Imperial College London, UK 
  • Dong Dasheng, Deputy Auditor General, National Audit of China 
  • Nick Donofrio, Executive Vice-President, Innovation and Technology, IBM
  • Amir Dossal, Executive Director of the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships, UNFIP
  • Bill Drayton, Founder of Ashoka (a global organization that identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs), USA 
  • John Dryden, Deputy Director Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (DSTI), OECD
  • Karen Dunnell, Chief Executive, Office for National Statistics, UK


  • Randall Eberts, Executive Director, W.E. Upjohn Institute, USA
  • Robert Edwards, Director, Statistics Department, IMF
  • Asad Elahi, Secretary, Statistics Division, Government of Pakistan
  • Noha El-Mikawy, International Adviser on Poverty and Governance, UNDP, Oslo Governance Center
  • Ronnette Engela, Executive Policy Analyst, Office of the President, South Africa 
  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister of Turkey
  • Peter Ester, Director of OSA and Professor of Sociology, Tilburg University, the Netherlands
  • Pieter Everaers, Director, Eurostat, European Commission 


  • Antonio Fanelli, Deputy Head - Investment Compact for South East Europe, OECD
  • Frank Farrow, Director of Community Change Initiatives, Casey Foundation, USA
  • Ridha Ferchiou, President, National Council on Statistics, Tunisia
  • Hakan Fidan, President, Turkish International Co-operation and Development Agency (TIKA)
  • Harvey Fineberg, President, Institute of Medicine, USA
  • Julio Frenk, Senior Fellow, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 
  • Hing Wang Fung, Commissioner for Census and Statistics of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China


  • John Gage, Chief Researcher and Vice President of the Science Office, Sun Microsystems, Inc., USA

  • Alessandra Galloni, Chief, The Wall Street Journal, Paris

  • Ali Gamatie, Vice Governor, Central Bank of Western African States (BCEAO)

  • Nina Gardner, Director, Strategy International, Italy  
  • Tony German, Co-founders, Development Initiatives, UK 
  • Enrico Giovannini, Chief Statistician, OECD 
  • Cynthia A. Glassman, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, U.S. Department of Commerce, USA
  • Arturo González de Aragón, Superior Auditor of Mexico
  • José Manuel González-Páramo, Executive Board Member, European Central Bank
  • Joe Grice, Executive Director, Social and Public Services Analyses and Reporting, Office for National Statistics, UK 
  • Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland 
  • Angel Gurría, Secretary-General, OECD 
  • Orhan Güvenen, Chair, Accounting Information Systems, Bilkent University, Turkey


  • Frank Hagemann, Senior Policy Analyst and SIMPOC Coordinator, International Programme for the Elimination of Child Labour, ILO
  • Alan Hall, Coordinator, Global Initiatives, Global Water Partnership, Sweden
  • Jon Hall, Manager, OECD World Forum Project Leader, OECD, France
  • Brian Hammond, Acting Deputy Director, Development Cooperation Directorate, Acting Deputy Director, OECD
  • Henning Hansen, Co-ordinator, International Federation of Environmental Health
  • Sean Healy, Justice and Peace Commissioner, CORI, Ireland
  • Gordon R. Hein, Vice President for Programs, The Asia Foundation, US
  • Jeremy Hobbs, Executive Director, OXFAM International, UK
  • Chris Hoenig, Vice-President of Strategy, IBM
  • Anders Hoffman, Creative Director of the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, FORA
  • Paul Hofheinz, President, Lisbon Council 
  • Alton Hollett, Director of the Newfoundland and Labrador Statistics Agency, Newfoundland 
  • Roefie Hueting, formerly with Statistics Netherlands


  • Lelio Iapadre, Associate Research Fellow, Comparative Regional Integration Studies, UN University
  • Veronique Ingram, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Australia to the OECD, OECD



  • Donald J. Johnston, Lawyer, Professor, Chair of IRGC, and Former Secretary - General of the OECD



  • Charlotte Kahn, Director, Boston Indicators Project, The Boston Foundation, USA
  • Androulla Kaminara, Director, EuropeAid, European Commission
  • Louka Katseli, Director, Development Center, OECD
  • Mary-Louise Kearney, Director of the Secretariat of the UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge
  • Steve Killelea, Founder Global Peace Index, Global Buisnessman and Philanthropist
  • Dae You Kim, Commissioner, Korean National Statistics Office, KNSO, Korea 
  • Ben Kiregyera, Chairman, Board of Directors, Uganda Bureau of Statistics
  • Stephen Knack, Lead Economist, Development Research/Public Sector Governance, The World Bank 
  • Emmanuel Kontopirakis, Secretary General, National Statistical Service, Greece
  • Irina Krizman, Director General, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Alan Krueger, Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University, USA 
  • Meltem Kurtsan, Head of the Women Entrepreneurs Association (KAGIDER), Turkey 
  • Tae-Shin Kwon, Ambassador, Permanent Delegation of Korea to the OECD 


  • Ahmed Lahlimi Alami, High Commissioner of Planning, Morocco  
  • Richard Layard, Director, Well-being Programme, Center for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics, UK
  • Pali Lehohla, Statistician General, Director, Statistics South Africa
  • Denise Lievesley, Chief Executive of the English Information Centre for Health and Social Care
  • Jonathan Loh, Honorary Research Associate, Institute of Zoology, United Kingdom

  • Francisco Lopez-Bermudez, Director, Andean Democratic Audit

  • Lorents Lorentsen, Director, Environment Directorate, OECD 
  • Charles Leyeka Lufumpa, Director, African Development Bank, Tunisia


  • Daniel Macadar, Social Watch, Uruguay
  • Turgay Maleri, Chair of Executive Committee, GATE Elektronic, Turkey
  • Marco Malgarini, Senior Economist, Institute for Studies and Economic Analyses, ISAE, Italy
  • Bronwen Mamby, Senior Programme Adviser, Afrimap, Open Society Institute, UK 
  • Robert Manchin, Chairperson and Managing Director, The Gallup Organisation - Europe
  • Ricard Manning, Chair of the Development Assistance Committee, OECD
  • John Martin, Director of the Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Directorate, OECD 
  • Empar Martínez, General Director, University Teaching Cooperative “Florida”, Spain 
  • Douglas May, Economics Professor at the Memorial University, Newfoundland
  • Nicolas Meunier, Chief Economist for Emerging Markets, Crédit Agricole, France
  • Paul Meyer, Chairman and President, VOXIVA, USA 
  • Alex Michalos, Director of the Institute for Social Research and Evaluation, Professor Emeritus, Political Science, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada
  • Wonki Min, Director general of National Information Society Agency, NIA, Korea 
  • Alexandra Mitsotaki, ActionAid International
  • Bedrich Moldan,  Senator of the Parlament, The Czech Republic
  • Geoff Mulgan, Director, The Young Foundation, UK
  • Christoph Müller, Director, Federal Chancellery, Austria
  • Louis Munyakazi, Director General, National Statistical Institute, Rwanda
  • Rainer Münz, Head of Research and Development, Erste Bank


  • Joachim Nahem, UNDP Governance Center
  • Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General and CEO, CIVICUS, South Africa
  • Nicole Notat, Founder and President, Vigeo, France

  • Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Doctor, Brookings Institution, USA
  • Josef Olenski, President, Central Statistical Office, Poland
  • Charles Oman, Senior Economist, Development Center, OECD
  • İlber Ortayli, Director,Topkapi Sarayı, Turkey 
  • Kadri Ozen, Coca Cola Eurasia, Public Affairs & Communications Manager


  • Ekrem Pakdemirli, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey
  • Ron Palmeri, Managing Director, Minor Ventures, USA
  • Antonis Papacostas, Head of Unit "Public Opinion and Media Monitoring", DG Communication, European Commission
  • José Pavão Nunes, Head of Statistics and Information Control Department, ISP
  • Luiz Pereira Da Silva, Chief Economist of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, Brazil
  • Mario Pezzini, Deputy Director, Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD
  • Alberto Pfeifer, Executive Director, Latin American Business Council, CEAL
  • Laszlo Pinter, Director, Measurement and Assessment Program, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada & Henning Hansen, Co-ordinator, International Federation of Environmental Health
  • Alexander Piskunov, Member of the board, Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation
  • Theodore Porter, Professor, Department of History, UCLA, USA
  • Ken Prewitt, Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs Columbia University, USA
  • Alessandro Profumo, CEO, Unicredit Group
  • Nicolas Charles Pron, Devinfo Global Administrator, Sr. Prog. Officer, UNICEF


  • Walter Radermacher, President, Federal Statistical Office, Germany
  • Thierry Raes, Partner, Global Leadership Team, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Edi Rama, Mayor, Tirana, Albania
  • Mamphela Ramphele, Co-chair, Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM)
  • Judith Randel, Development Initiatives, United Kingdom
  • Jan Rath, Professor of Urban Sociology, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Roy Romanow, Former Premier of Saskatchewan and Founding Chair, Canadian Index of Wellbeing Network
  • Hans Rosling, Co-founder, Gapminder Foundation, Sweden
  • Jesse Robins, Adviser to and Member of Reilly Radar
  • Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, Mayor of Madrid, Spain


  • Lester Salamon, Director, Center for Civil Society Studies, Institute for Policy Studies, Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Ali Akbar Salehi, Assistant Secretary General, Organisation of the Islamic Conference
  • Odile Sallard, Director, Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD
  • Jean-Marc Salou, Administrator, Pensions and Insurance Statistics, OECD, France    
  • Andrea Saltelli, Unit Head, Econometrics and statistical support to Antifraud, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  • Mike Salvaris, School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning, RMIT University, Australia
  • Francisco Santos Calderon, Vice President, Colombia
  • Hussein Sayed, Professor and Consultant, The Egyptian Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center & Cairo University
  • Fabio Scacciavillani, Acting Director, Economic Analysis and Industrial Research Department, Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consulting, Qatar 
  • Andreas Schleicher, Head of Indicators and Analysis Division, Education Directorate, OECD
  • Paul Schnabel, Director Social and Cultural Planning Office, The Netherlands
  • Tom Schuller, Head of Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, OECD
  • Abdüllatif Şener, Deputy Prime Minister, Turkey
  • Paolo Sestito, Director, Research Department, Bank of Italy
  • Luay Shabaneh, President, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics 
  • Andreas Siegel, Director for Strategic Planning, Council of Europe (Strasbourg)
  • Jussi Simpura, Director of Division, Welfare, Stakes (National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health), Finland
  • Rob Smith, Director of Environment Accounts and Statistics Division, Statistics Canada
  • Luc Soete, joint Director of the United Nations University Institute for New Technologies (UNU-INTECH) and the Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (MERIT)
  • Fiona Stanley, Founding Director, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Australia 
  • David Stanners, Program Manager, Strategic Knowledge and Innovation, European Environment Agency
  • Sally Stansfield, Health Metrics Network Executive Secretary, Worl Health Organization
  • Karin Stoltenberg, Former Director General, Ministry for Family and Gender Equality, Norway
  • Raul Suarez de Miguel, General Coordinator of the Metagora Project, OECD
  • Jean-Robert Suesser, Director ADETEF, France



  • Lyonpo Jigmi Y Thinley, Minister of Home and Cultural Affairs, Bhutan
  • Arland Thornton, Professor, University of Michigan, USA
  • Ahmet Tıktık, Undersecretary, State Planning Organisation, Turkey
  • Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul, Turkey
  • Dennis Trewin, former Australian Chief Statistician
  • Michel Tubiana, Vice-President, International Federation of Human Rights, France



  • Luis Carlos Ugalde, President of Electoral Federal Institute, Mexico



  • Michel Van den Abeele, Ambassador, Permanent Delegation of the European Commission to the OECD
  • Hendrik van der Pol, Director, UNESCO Institute of Statistics  
  • Ruut Veenhoven, Professor - Doctor, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences, Netherlands
  • Ann Venemann, Executive Director, UNICEF
  • Jérôme Vignon, Director for Social Protection and Integration, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, EC
  • Romulo Virola, Secretary-General, National Statistical Coordination Board, Philippines 
  • Vamik Volkan, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Virginia, USA


  • Gert Wagner, Professor, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Germany
  • Darren Walker, Vice President of the Rockefeller Foundation, USA 
  • David M. Walker, Comptroller General, USA 
  • Katherine K. Wallman, Chief Statistician, US Office of Management and Budget
  • Frank Wiebe, Managing Director, Economic Analysis, Millennium Challenge Corporation, US  
  • Matthew Winkler, Founder and Editor in Chief, Bloomberg News, USA 
  • John Wiseman, Director, The McCaughey Centre,VicHealth Centre for the Promotion of Mental Health and Community Wellbeing, University of Melbourne
  • Michael Wolfson, Statistics Canada
  • Sara E.Wood, Chief Data Officer, Swivel, USA 


  • Durmus Yilmaz, Governor, Central Bank, Turkey
  • Yasuto Yoshizoe, President, Statistics Council, Japan



  • Stephen Zubrick, Head of Population Science, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Australia
  • Alix Peterson Zwane, Evaluation Manager,





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