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Country studies

Read and download this series of country studies on the relationship between trade and jobs, from the International Collaborative Initiative on Trade and Employment (ICITE)




    Trade, Employment and Structural Change: The Australian Experience
Greg Thompson, Tim Murray, Patrick Jomini (Australian Productivity Commission, Australia)


    Different Partners, Different Patterns: Trade and Labour Market Dynamics in Brazil's Post-Liberalisation Period
David Kupfer, Marta Castilho, Esther Dweck and Marcelo Nicoll (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)



Openness, Wage Gaps and Unions in Chile
Jorge Friedman (ECLAC, Chile), Nanno Mulder (ECLAC, Chile), Sebastián Faúndez (ECLAC, Chile), Esteban Pérez Caldentey (ECLAC, Chile), Carlos Yévenes (ECLAC, Chile), Mario Velásquez (ILO, Switzerland), Fernando Baizán (ILO, Switzerland), Gerhard Reinecke (ILO, Switzerland)




Trade and Employment: The Case of Denmark and Spain
Elena Arnal (OECD)




Trade and Employment in France (aussi disponible en français)
Francis Kramarz (CREST-ENSAE, France)




Trade and Labour Market Outcomes in Germany
Holger Görg and Dennis Görlich (Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany)





Exports and Employment in Indonesia: The Decline in Labor-Intensive Manufacturing and the Rise of Services
H. H. Aswicahyono, Douglas Brooks, Chris Manning (ADB)


Employment Dimension of Trade Liberalization with China: Analysis of the Case of Indonesia with Dynamic Social Accounting Matrix
Christoph Ernst (ILO) and Ralf Peters (UNCTAD)




Trade and Employment in Italy
P. Lelio Iapadre (University of L’Aquila, Italy)




Trade and Employment in Japan
Kozo Kiyota (Yokohama National University, Japan)




Exporting, Employment, and Skill Upgrading: Evidence from Plant Level Data in the Korean Manufacturing Sector
Chin Hee Hahn (Kyungwon University, Korea, Republic of) and Chang-Gyun Park (Chung-Ang University, Korea, Republic of)




Trade and Occupational Employment in Mexico since NAFTA
Raymundo Miguel Campos-Vázquez (Center for Economic Studies, El Colegio de México, Mexico) and José Antonio Rodríguez-López (University of California, United States)


South Africa

    Agricultural Trade and Employment in South Africa

Ron Sandrey (TRALAC (Trade Law Centre for Southern Africa), South Africa and National Agricultural Marketing Council, South Africa), Cecilia Punt (National Agricultural Marketing Council, South Africa), Hans Grinsted Jensen (National Agricultural Marketing Council, South Africa), Nick Vink (National Agricultural Marketing Council, South Africa and University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)




Trade and Employment: The Case of Denmark and Spain
Elena Arnal (OECD)


United States


Effects of NAFTA on US Employment and Policy Responses
Christopher J. O’Leary, Randall W. Eberts and Brian M. Pittelko (W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, United States)



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