A Gateway To Methods And Applications


Here is a list of institutional websites where you can learn more about Futures Thinking methods and applications, plus a wealth of resources to enrich scenarios and trend analysis.

The Millennium Project 

Here you will find: Publications on a wide range of pressing global issues, representing contributions from hundreds of futurists, scholars, business planners, and policy makers. Highlights include about 100 futures scenarios; policy applications for futures research; literature on methods and tools; and the "State of the Future" annual report. - Go

The World Values Survey 

Here you will find: Material on socio-cultural and political change worldwide, including surveys on public values and beliefs in over 80 countries. Offerings include data-collection surveys, country-specific findings, and many publications on social transformation. This global network of social scientists at leading universities is coordinated by the World Values Survey Association. - Go

The Foresight Programme

Here you will find: Science- and technology-oriented futures work, including horizon scans, briefs, publications, and a futures-studies toolkit from the futures research unit of the U.K. Office of Science and Innovation. The mission is to keep government, research, and business abreast of societal and economic opportunities in new science and technologies. - Go

Finland Futures Academy

Here you will find: The gateway to Finland's national network for futures education and research, which includes 16 universities. Coordinated by the Turku School of Economics, the network organises courses including a Master's Programme in futures studies and methods. - Go



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