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The International Exhibition at the OECD 3rd World Forum focused on issues related to "Charting Progress, Building Visions, Improving Life".


The Exhibition had 57 booths (stands) in total. There were 23 International Exhibitor booths and 34 Korean Exhibitor booths. 


The International Exhibition was officially opened by 15 VIPs who participated in a tape cutting ceremony.  The VIPs were the following:


• Ambassador Paul-Henri Lapointe, Permanent Representative of Canada to the OECD

• Ambassador Mr. Antonio Armellini, Permanent Representative of Italy to the OECD

• Ambassador Choongsoo KIM, Permanent Representative of Korea to the OECD

• Angel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD

• Pier Carlo Padoan, Deputy Secretary General OECD

• Eric Swanson, Program Manager, Development Data Group, The World Bank

• Pieter Everaers, Director, Eurostat, European Commission

• Enrico Giovannini, President, Italian National Statistics Institute, ISTAT, Italy

• Jeni Klugman, Director, UNDP Human Development Report Office

• Insill YI, Commissioner of the Statistics Korea

• Lak-Hyeong JEONG, Deputy Mayor for Political Affairs of Busan Metropolitan City

• Sukhoon LEE, Vice President, Korean Statistical Society

• Myoung Shic JHUN, Professor, Korea University

• Hong Thomas Hahn, President, Korea Institute of Science and Technology

• Tae Hyun KIM, President, Korean Women's Development Institute



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The main themes for the layout of the Exhibition Hall followed that of the World Forum. Exhibitors came from various fields, such as International Organisations, researchers, innovators, policy makers and business people who worked in areas related to the OECD-hosted Global Project on “Measuring the Progress of Societies”. 




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Presentations in Exhibition Hall

During the International Exhibition a presentation space was set-up to accommodate an audience of about 50 people, where exhibitors were given the opportunity to showcase their policies, services, research technologies and products to a grouped audience.


The detailed Agenda and list of papers for each day, can be found here

The Agenda for Exhibitors’ presentations were arranged according to a fixed timetable with a wide and interesting selection of papers. The Moderators and the daily themes were as follows:


Tuesday 27th of October,  Trevor Fletcher, OECD , Visualising Statistics
Wednesday 28th of October, Eric Swanson, World Bank, Quality of Life
Thursday 29th of October, Lynda Hawe, OECD, Green Growth and ICT for Progress



Yann Arthus-Bertrand launched the project “6 Billion Others”, in 2003, following “The Earth From Above“. The concept is simple: go out and meet the 6 billion inhabitants of this planet, listen to their testimonies and share them with others. We were pleased to have "6 Billion Others” participating at 3rd OECD World Forum. They presented a film focused on the question: ”What does progress mean for us?”. The participants in the World Forum had the opportunity to be interviewed during the event and to offer their views on this question.



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