netFWD’s Annual Meeting brings together foundations from the network and beyond. It offers foundations a chance to network with like-minded peers both from the North and  the South. To further promote dialogue amongst foundations, netFWD contributes to international philanthropic gatherings in partnership with its associates such as European Venture Philanthropy Association, European Foundations Centre and Asian Venture Philanthropy Network. netFWD workshops are convened on an ad hoc basis to give members and other relevant partners an opportunity to dive into themes of mutual interest. The network continuously provides necessary connections with  policy-makers by inviting foundations to all relevant OECD events and other major inter-governmental events. 

netFWD Events


  • 21 - 22 March 2019 - Paris, France | netFWD Annual Meeting 2019
  • 25 April 2019 - Meeting on Philanthropy and Sustainability (tbc)
  • 26 June 2019 - Health Working Group
  • 27 Novermber 2019 - Education Working Group



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