Joint netFWD - MAEDI session, 6 September 2016



netFWD-led session at the 9th Convergences World Forum
Organised in collaboration with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In the past decade, Foundations have increasingly been involved in development co-operation. Their work does not consist of charity anymore: venture philanthropists have become investors who care deeply about the impact of their work.

In embracing new models to scale-up their interventions, foundations fill important gaps in development financing. The Addis Ababa Agenda on Financing for Development recognises their importance and praises their unique attributes: their flexibility, propensity to take risks and willingness to try new approaches. A multipolar philanthropic scene is emerging, with ‘movers and shakers’ increasingly stemming from the Asian and African regional philanthropic scenes.

Key issues

  • What is the role of foundations in the development process?
  • What are the innovation models?
  • What role for foundations for achieving the SDGs?


Moderator: Henry de Cazotte, Special Representative Habitat III, Deputy Under-Director for Development, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

  • Bathylle Missika, Senior Counsellor to the Director (acting) and Head of Unit, Partnerships & Networks, OECD Development Centre.
  • Beatrice Nere, Head of Southern Europe, Global Policy and Advocacy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Matt T. Reed, CEO, Aga Khan Foundation
  • Clare Woodcraft, CEO, Emirates Foundation

About the Convergences World Forum

Taking place in a very rich international context – with the adoption of the Paris Agreement last December, the perspective of the UN Habitat III Conference and the COP 22 next November – 9th Convergences World Forum “Inventing tomorrow’s sustainable cities and territories” will propose reflection around three pillars:

1. Towards sustainable cities and territories
2. Meeting the new Sustainable Development Goal
3. An economy serving the Common Good

Every year since 2008, the Convergences World Forum is a unique place where public, private, solidarity-based, academic and media actors engaging towards a “Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty World” can meet. This edition of the Convergences World Forum will gather more than 8000 attendees and more than 350 speakers for all over the world in a unique reflection and co-construction place.

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