What we do


netFWD helps members learn, connect, act and advocate in partnership initiatives to achieve their fullest potential.

LEARN - Codifying knowledge

netFWD produces knowledge that collects and shares foundations' experiences and innovative approaches. By elaborating thematic studies and practical guidance, netFWD supports effective philanthropic practices and highlights foundations' distincitve comparative advantages to inform the wider public discourse on sustainable development.

CONNECT - Enabling dialogue

netFWD brokers dialogue with governments and traditional development actors to enhance mutual understanding and spark collaboration ideas. The OECD Development Centre hosts netFWD, providing an opportunity to capitalise on the Centre's 51 member countries, including China, Brazil, India, Indonesia and South Africa. netFWD's access extends beyond governments to also include bilateral and multilateral donors, through the OECD DAC and through connections with the UN system.

The network fosters dialogue among its members. We believe that peer-learning, experience exchanges and knowledge-sharing are essential tools to colelctively improve philanthropic practice.

ACT - Implementing partnership initiatives

netFWD helps its members implement best practices and bring their impact to scale, namely by facilitating partnerships at the local, regional and international levels. Devising partnerships that are effective and enduring remains a tall order for both foundations and governments. netFWD addresses this challenge by helping actors find entry points to work closer together, promote effective partnership models and demonstrate the value of enhanced co-operation.

ADVOCATE - Positioning philanthropy in the development galaxy

netFWD advocates for foundations and nurtures recognition by the international development community. Despite being a mainstay of development, foundations are not yet systematically included in the agenda-setting process. Too often, they are perceived as development financiers only, although many strive to make a far greater impact through strategic orientations and innovative practices. netFWD ensures foundations' potential and contribution to development efforts are fully ackowledged.


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