Maurits van Rooijen, Director, University of Leiden, Netherlands and Vice-President, University of Westminster, U.K


Main positions

University of Westminster, London (1993-..)
Vice President for International Strategy and Development
Member VC’s Executive Group (Academic) and (Service); Academic Council
Chair, Associate Colleges Steering Group
Chair, International Forum
Acting Head, International Projects Office

Leiden University, The Netherlands (1999-..)
Vice-President (International)
MD, Leiden University Worldwide [Company]

Other current positions

Vice-President, Compostela Group of Universities (Santiago de Compostela)
Vice-President, European Access Network Member of Steering Group of INRUDA (International Role of Universities in Development Areas, UCLA, California)
Non-executive director SPACE (Society for the Promotion of Culture from Europe, Osaka Japan)
Member editorial committee FORUM (EAIE, Amsterdam)

Main previous appointments

Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor&Vice-President, Victoria University Melbourne (on sabbatical from the University of Westminster, 1998)

Managing Director, European Studies Centre, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands (1990-1993)

Senior policy and planning officer; coordinator International Policies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands (1988-1993)

International Officer, Erasmus University Rotterdam (1987-1988)

Lecturer/Researcher, School for Social-Cultural Studies, University of Utrecht (1981-1990); Leverhulme research fellow, University of Hull (1982)



Doctorate in Geography, University of Utrecht (1990)
‘Drs’ (doctorandus), Economic History with Sociology, University of Utrecht (1981)
‘Kandidaats’ (bachelors), History, University of Utrecht (1978)
‘Gymnasium B’ (Grammar School, with focus on Maths, Sciences, (Classical) languages), Breda (1975)




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