Inge-Bert Täljedal, Rector, Umeå University, Sweden


Inge-Bert Täljedal, born 1942, studied medicine and received research training at Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet, and Umeå University 1960-67. He defended his Doctoral Thesis at Umeå 1967. At Umeå University he has been Associate Professor (Sw. Docent) of Histology 1967-72, Special Investigator in Diabetes Research (funded by the Swedish Medical Research Council) 1972-80, Professor of Histology 1980-, Chairman of the Department of Histology and Cell Biology 1979-83 and 1995-98, and Rektor (Br. Engl. Vice-Chancellor) 1999-. He was a Diabetes Research Advisor to Novo Industri A/S 1983-93.

Dr. Täljedal has served on the following boards: Swedish Medical Research Council 1983-89, Swedish Council for the Planning and Coordination of Research 1983-89, Scientific Advisory Board to the Swedish Diabetes Association 1977-88, Advisory (1973-76) or Editorial (1976-80) Boards of Diabetologia, Cultural Board of the City of Umeå (Chair or Vice Chair) 1988-94, City Council of Umeå (Mayor and Chairman) 1994-98, Swedish Concert Institute 1993-2002, Swedish Institute 2003-, The Association of Swedish Higher Education 2003-, Royal Library (National Library of Sweden) 2004.

He has published approx. two-hundred papers (mainly on insulin secretory cells and other diabetes-related topics) and three collections of poems.


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