Call for Papers


Deadline for proposal was 29 March 2004

The 2004 IMHE General Conference will focus on some of the challenges faced by higher education in today’s' "knowledge society". Higher education institutions must respond to new funding and governance mechanisms, questions of access and equity, an increasing client base, new and developing research agendas, and issues of attracting and retaining staff and students. In the face of these challenges, universities and other institutions must continue to fulfil their traditional role of providing future "knowledge workers" with the necessary competencies to succeed in an increasingly competitive labour market and complex society.

This conference will offer participants the opportunity to examine both the interactive relationship between education systems and the knowledge-driven economy and the implications for higher education in term of choices and responsibilities. It aims at contributing answers to questions such as:

• How does higher education contribute to the development of the knowledge society?
• How can we ensure that labour market and society get the competencies they expect?
• What institutional strategies are appropriate in these new circumstances?

This call for papers invites participants to bring forward their findings and ideas on various sub-themes. Proposals are invited from policy makers and institutional leaders and managers as well as from experts studying these issues.

1:  New funding and governance mechanisms

• What governance mechanisms best contribute to meeting the growing demands on institutions?
• Are universities organised to face challenges of internationalisation and the new mobility?
• What can we learn from examples of ongoing reforms?
• The Bologna process implications.

2:  Access and equity, impact on the management of the institution

• How to ensure an equitable access to higher education to all types of learners (especially those not usually linked with higher education)?
• How do students' and governments' demands for fairer access influence institutions, and how do institutions react?
• How do higher education institutions know that they are successful?

3:  New missions and strategies for institutions

• How can universities contribute to the learning of small and medium-size enterprises?
• What strategic choices are open to institutions?
• Examples of innovative approaches

4: New knowledge, research and knowledge creation

• How to deal with knowledge transfer in research and teaching?
• What are the transformation processes going on in research?
• Update on issues regarding intellectual property and protection of rights

5: Human resources issues

• In view of demographic trends, how will retiring staff be replaced?
• Are there innovative approaches to human resources management?
• How to improve gender equity in senior management?
• How to maintain student attraction and keep a satisfactory level of candidates?

• The Conference is divided between plenary sessions, panel discussions and parallel discussion groups. There are opportunities to contribute papers to each theme during the parallel group sessions.
• The IMHE General Conference is expected to attract about 350 participants, who attend the Conference at their own expense. The 100€ fee for IMHE members and the 600€ fee for non-members include lunches, refreshments and materials.
• Please be advised that everyone presenting at the Conference must register.
• An editorial committee will meet to select the best proposed papers or abstracts (two per discussion group)
• A poster session will be organised where participants can make their paper available

III. SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL (see complete information)
• An abstract (150-250 words) and the completed submission form should be sent to the IMHE Secretariat by 29 March 2004.
• Abstracts must indicate which of the above themes is being addressed.
• Abstracts and papers can be submitted in English or in French.
• Authors will receive notification of acceptance by 10 May 2004.

• Papers should not exceed 5000 words.
• Oral presentations will be limited to a maximum of 10-15 minutes each.


Please forward the completed submission form with your abstract to:
2004 General Conference, IMHE Programme, OECD
2 rue André Pascal, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France

Tel: (33) 1 45 24 75 84 Fax: (33) 1 44 30 61 76



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