Biographie Goran Bexell


Vice-Chancellor, 2003-present

Academic qualifications and positions held
B.A., M.A., B.D. 1969
Teacher training college 1970
D. Theol. 1975, Fellow of the Faculty of Theology 1976
Senior lecturer and Fellow, Lund University 1975-1990
Professor of Ethics at Lund University from 1990

Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Lund University, 1995-99
Chairman of the Board of the Humanities and Theology at Lund University and member of the Council of Deans, 2000-2002.
Praeses of the Scientific Society of Lund, 1992-1995

Offices held currently
* 1997 - present
Member of the Bank of Sweden’s Jubilee Fund : Area Group For Culture, Safety And Sustainable Development

* 2000 - present
Member of the Board of the Crafoord Foundation

* 2003 – present
Member of the Board of the National Agency for Higher Education
Member of the Scientific Society of Lund
Member of the Royal Society of Humanities of Lund
Member of Societas Ethica

Project Management
* 1995-1999
Traditional values, conflicts of value and shared value-systems in the cultural heritage and modern society.  Research project 1995-1999, with six full-time positions, financed by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation.


* 1994-1997
Traditional values, conflicts of value and shared value-systems in the Nordic countries.  Continuity and renewal.  Project funded by NOS_H ( the Nordic Council for Co-operative Research in the Humanities).  Three symposia in Helsinki, Oslo and Lund and three symposium reports.

Research Supervision
* 1990-2002
Supervision of twelve doctoral theses

* Conferences, symposia
Participation, as ethical consultant, in a large number of national and international seminars, symposia, conferences, courses for government agencies, political organisations, national and international county councils, companies, churches, schools etc.

Selected Publications
* The common good and the particular: cultural confrontations and value conflicts, in: Fredrik Lundmark, ed., Culture, Security ands Sustainable Development after September 11, Stockholm 2004, pp 125- 153.

* Universalism in Ethics and Cultural Diversity, in: Göran Bexell and Dan-Erik Andersson, ed., Universal Ethics. Perspectives and Proposals from Scandinavian Scholars, The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights Library, vol.11, The Hague 2002, pp 3 – 13.

* Swedish moral politics. The treatment of some moral issues in the work of parliament and government since the 1950’s, Lund University Press, Lund 1995.

* “Moralism and morals in politics.” Article in: Karl-Olov Arnstberg and Thomas Fürth, ed., Morality and Immorality. Where is the dividing line? Reflections of nine researchers, Uppsala 1999, pp 23-42.

* “Shared value systems in a multicultural society.”  Report from an inter-Nordic symposium in Lund, ed. Lund Studies in Ethics and Theology 6.  Lund, 1998.

* Traditional values from a Nordic perspective.  Report from a symposium in Helsinki.  Lund Studies in Ethics and Theology. 4.  Edited with Henrik Stenius. Lund 1997, 215 p.

* Theological ethics - an introduction. With Carl-Henric Grenholm. Stockholm 1997, 414 p. 2nd edition.

Ethics in the meeting of two traditions. K E Lögstrups Critique of Anglo-Saxon Moral Philosophy, in Zeitschrift fûr Evangelische Ethik, 30. Jahrgang (Issue 30), Heft (Vol.) 4, pp 421-438, 1986.

* Ethical Conflicts in Long-term Care of Aged Patients: Analysis of the Tube-feeding Decision by means of a Theological Ethical Model, in Ethics in Science and Medicine, Vol 7, 1980.

* Ethical conflicts in long-term care of the aged: nutritional problems and the patient-care worker  relationship, with A Norberg, B Norberg, H Gippert, in The British Medical Journal, 51, 1980.




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