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European Heritage Days

Reception and institutional visits (registration)

Tuesday dinner (registration and payment)

Wednesday lunch (registration and payment)


Saturday and Sunday 15-16 September - European Heritage Days

Historical secrets, a look behind the scenes, hidden treasure…for these 2 days, visitors are invited to discover or rediscover places that are are less well-known, often unsuspected and rarely open to the public. See a different side of Paris before joining the Conference!

During the 2012 European Heritage Days you can:
  • Descend to the city’s depths to explore its unique heritage: the remains of buildings, homes and orginal city walls, bunkers, catacombs, caves, crypts, graves, mines, waterways, tunnels andunderground passageways...
  • Rise above the city to reach the heights of Paris' heritage, the structures, church bells and chimes, and have a bird’s eye view of the city’s master plan...
  • Pass through doors that are normally closed and go behind the scenes (recording studios, theatres and cinemas) to access the city’s history...
  • Admire objects never or rarely seen by the public and gain access, through new technologies, to the layers, elusive to the human eye, of works of art...
  • Appreciate the efforts of those who work hard so that this heritage can be enjoyed by all.
Have a great visit! 

Monday 17 September - Reception followed by a visit to a French higher education institution

Free entry

Reception*: 18h15-20h00, OECD Headquarters - Château (registration as part of the Conference registration form)

*Badges will be available from 17h00 for those accompanying registered participants to the reception (only where their names have been supplied).

Institutional visits: 19h00 departure from OECD Château - Conference reception; visits at 19h30 (registration open soon)



Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

At the end first day of the IMHE General Conference 2012, you will be able to take part in a  private visit of one of the member institutions of PRES héSam (Pôle de Recherche et d'Enseignement Supérieur, Hautes Etudes-Sorbonne-Arts et Métiers).

Participating in one of these 1-hour visits of PRES héSam member institutions will allow you a view not open to all of France’s most prestigious institutions of higher education and their educational heritage.

Material on each of the institutions will be provided at the Conference. Following the Reception, you may make your own way, or accompanied by one of the guides, to the venue you have chosen.

For information on the different institutions, click here.


Conference participants have been e-mailed a link for registration. If you have not received it, please contact [email protected].

Tuesday 18 September - Dinner at Le Procope restaurant

Registration is now closed

Price: 90€


Wednesday 19 September - Lunch at the Bofinger restaurant and a guided tour of the Marais

Registration is now closed

Price: 80€



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