Victor Arredondo Álvarez



Victor Arredondo Álvarez,  former Minister of Education for the State of Veracruz, is now President of the Corporate Villa Aprendizaje. He has served as President of Universidad Veracruzana, General Director for Higher Education at the Federal Ministry of Public Education and Academic Chairman at Mexico’s National Association of Universities and Institutes of Higher Education (ANUIES). He was Mexico´s representative at the Trilateral Steering Committee, responsible to outline, parallel to NAFTA, the North American Agenda for Higher Education Collaboration among Canada, USA and Mexico; President of the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education, the most influential university collaboration agency in the American Continent, and recipient of important academic distinctions from European and Latin American universities. He developed the Vasconcelos Program (virtual mobile classrooms and facilitators supporting rural communities self-development), for which he received the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Access to Learning Award in 2008. Applying ICT throughout the state educational system gained him the 2008 Max Shein Award from the National Mexican Union of Enterprises engaged in Educational Technology. In 2010, Veracruz educational system, under his leadership obtained some of the highest increase in Mexico on its average student scores, with respect to its own baseline, both in national (ENLACE) and international (PISA) examinations. He is now committed to converting educational, cultural and community institutions into sites for e-learning.



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