Transforming Higher Education through Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the Asian Region


Saran Kaur Gill, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


In an increasingly knowledge-based society, it is imperative that the relevance and quality of research and teaching in HEIs underpins both academic as well as social objectives.  This presentation discusses the modalities for HEIs to balance between the demands of academic promotion criteria and that of working towards ensuring their expertise has applied value for regional communities.  This can be done by establishing innovative governance systems, processes and structures to drive regional trans-disciplinary social responsible initiatives involving multiple stakeholders. This will involve processes which will highlight the importance of identifying specific needs of communities, niche knowledge areas within HEIs, potential funding mechanisms and being part of the social responsible eco-system. For example, the ASIA-Talloires Network of industry and community Engaged Universities (ATNEU) made up of diverse stakeholders of industries, NGOs, government agencies and student organisations.  This network aims to create a multiple flow of knowledge and expertise and develop sustainable collaborations that strengthen the social responsibility and sustainability of HEIs across the Asian region.


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