Transforming a HEI – how to do it in practice? Lessons from the North Hertfordshire


Paul Gillooly, SHM


North Hertfordshire College (NHC), a tertiary education provider outside London,  recently reorganised its structure and processes to emphasise the learner experience and to align itself to the needs of its local community and education market.  This transformation was driven by the UK government which sought to increase the supply of skills by creating a demand-led education market.  The transformation was supported by SHM which helped the college to  adopt practices used in the retail sector and hence increase its provision of skills and adult learning to the local community. This has benefitted the college by generating revenue and providing a focus on the learner experience. The college has also rationalised its operating processes which has resulted in cost savings and a reduction in the college’s fixed cost base. This model is replicable in other HEIs who are seeking to increase their learner numbers, create competitive advantage in a local market and/or reduce their operating costs.  This presentation outlines the process and methodology that would allow a HEI to apply some of this thinking to their own organisation.


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