The OECD Review: Institutionalising Change in the Region


Lisa Colquitt-Muñoz, Paso Del Norte Business Group


Tucked into the corner of far West Texas, the Southernmost part of New Mexico and the Northern desert of Chihuahua, Mexico, the Paso del Norte region is a dynamic, interconnected and yet disparate area. Embarking on this OECD review, one of the goals was to share with the rest of the world the many advantages of the region, in the process we discovered one of the most valuable outcomes would be getting to know ourselves. The OECD review provides an opportunity for stakeholders to highlight existing resources, identify areas for collaboration and develop personal and institutional relationships among the region’s HEIs and supporting partners.  All of which are critical in working toward the next step, undertaking a process of collaboration in developing a vision and strategy for transforming the economy of the Paso del Norte region.



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