START: A comprehensive university strategy for cleaner, stronger and fairer regions


Victor Arredondo Álvarez

Universities contribute to self-sustained development in many ways: by stimulating clean reforms in their own Campus landscape, infrastructure, and consumption and management practices; adopting more environmentally friendly patterns of ICT usage; adapting curricula, learning “hands‐on” experiences and staff training programmes to drive local competitiveness and fair growth; emphasising innovative R&D and green entrepreneurship; promoting intensive networking and partnerships with academic institutions, agencies, businesses, and programmes engaged in local development; reorienting their institutional mission and priorities to promote equity and social relevance of all levels of education; transferring clean, intelligent and fair solutions to challenges facing the community and supporting public awareness of  international interdependency. The presentation will describe the START university e-strategy, using as a framework a 13 years institutional experience in Veracruz, Mexico.


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