Saran Kaur Gill



Saran Kaur Gill is Deputy Vice-Chancellor for industry and community partnerships of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (The National University of Malaysia). She is the first Malaysian of Punjabi-Sikh ethnicity to be appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor by the government of Malaysia.  Attached to the university for more than 30 years, Saran Kaur Gill has a diverse background encompassing scholarly pursuits, human resource development and management of large projects. In 2004, Saran was appointed member of the UNESCO Scientific Committee for the Asia-Pacific Region for Higher Education, Research and Knowledge. In 1999 she received for her services the university’s Excellence Award for Enhancing the Image of UKM at the National and International Levels, in the category of Human Resource Development. In 2006, she successfully competed for a Fulbright Award to research on Language Policy:  Managing Ethnic, National and International Identities at the University of Pennsylvania. She has been recognised by the Australian High Commission as the Malaysian Education Personality of the Year for 2010 for strengthening the Australia-Malaysia education relationship. Saran Kaur Gill is currently developing the ASIA-Talloires Network of Engaged Universities (ATNEU) which is a higher education community engagement network affiliated with the Talloires Network.



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