Reyes González Roncero



Reyes González Roncero is Co-ordinator of RDI of the Agri-Food Campus of International Excellence, an strategic alliance among the Universities of Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba (co-ordinating university), Huelva and Jaen and industries, companies and research centres in this field. She is Professor in Genetics at the University of Cordoba, having completed post-doctoral research in Carlsberg Laboratory in Denmark and in the Solar Energy Research Institute in the USA. She has held several positions, such as Vice-Chancellor for International Relations in the University of Cordoba and she is a member of different Expert Assessment Bodies in USA (National Science Foundation and The United States-Israel Binational Agricultural Research & Development Fund BARD), Spain (ANECA, ANEP, MEC, MICINN), The Netherlands (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, NOW), Argentina (Education, Science and Technology Fund, FONCYT) and Colombia (National Biotechnology Programme, Conciencias).


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