Renewable Energy in Andalusia


Isabel de Haro Aramberri, Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science of Andalusia


Andalusia plays a leading role in developing the renewable energy sector by fostering a sustainable energy model based on two pillars, renewable energies and energy saving and efficiency. This energy model also aims to make a positive contribution to the economic development of Andalusia. Research and technology development in the field of renewable energies has resulted in 33.4 % of the total installed electrical power in Andalusia being generated by renewable energies. Andalusia is a pioneer in solar, wind and photovoltaic technologies, and currently leads the national biomass market, production of biodiesel, and solar thermal power. This is all thanks to the collaboration between the public administration, society and the Andalusian companies, some of which are present in the recent initiatives in renewable energy implementation worldwide. Andalusia has become an international reference for renewable energies.



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