Regional development in Amsterdam


Rik Bleeker, Stichting KennisKring Amsterdam

Jan Siersma, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The OECD Review team in Amsterdam presented the results of its review in February 2010. Key conclusions were: many different activities and great potential but no common vision, supply and demand between higher education institutions and business out of sync and a lack of direction and strategic leadership. Following the report, a process was started that led to the installation of an Economic Development Board for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region in November 2010. The Board is made up of experts from trade & industry and higher education and research institutes, as well as representatives of regional governments. The new Board’s first assignment is to develop a knowledge and innovation agenda in a number of key areas in which the higher education and research institutes are connected to the region’s economic agenda. The purpose of this agenda is to give the regional economy a boost and to make Amsterdam into an attractive location for business in Europe.      


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