Rafael Jiménez Castañeda



Rafael Jiménez Castañeda is Professor of Electrical Engineering in the University of Cadiz. He is the main researcher for a group of spin-off companies, GRUPO IGFOTON. This group has taken leading positions in the Renewable Energies sector. At present, the group includes  the following companies: IGFoton Ingenieros S.L., parent company devoted to R+D, consulting and energy management services and training on Solar Energy technologies, INOMA Renovables S.L., engineering company centred in equipments and maintenance of Photovoltaic Plants, HELIOTRÓNICA Sistemas S.L., RDI company developing new electronic equipment and devices for solar energy use, with a strong focus on products for development countries, SUNSAFER S.L., distribution and marketing of solar thermal energy products developed by other companies in the group, DRAGO SMART ENERGY A.E.I.E. develop smart grids. (The group shares 50 %  of this company along with a Czech partner) and GUATENERGY S.A., develops solar energy projects in the region (The group shares 50% of this Central American company). His email address is rafael.castaneda@uca.es.


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