Manuel Parras Rosa



Manuel Parras Rosa is the Rector of University of Jaén. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Seville. He is professor in Marketing and Market Research. He was Technology Transfer Offiice Director (1997-99) and Vice-chancellor of Community Relations of the University of Jaén (1999-2002). He was also President of the Center for Innovation and Technology of Olive Grove and Oil –CITOLIVA- (2002-06), Secretary of the Administration Council for the Scientific-Technological Park of Olive Grove and Oil (Geolit) (2000-06) and President of the Social and Economic Council of the Jaén province (2002-06). His research focuses on agricultural products commercialisation and co-operatives. He is author of 18 books and more than one hundred publications in specialised journals. He has been principal researcher of 16 projects and contracts with European, national and regional companies. He win several awards: National Prize of Agricultural, Fishing and Food (Social Sciences) (1996), Jaén Essay Prize (1998), Unicaja Prize of Economical Development and Agricultural Studies (Spreading) (2000), Rainbow Prize of Co-operatives (2005).


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