Making education work for regional and city development


Karina Ufert, European Student Union


The European Student Union believes that higher education has a positive role to play in development of a coherent society and a sustainable and growing economy. This presentation will focus on the issues facing higher education and its role in regional and city development. These include developing both a clear and  comprehensive vision of the future of higher education and a policy approach that focuses on knowledge-intensive growth rather than knowledge-extensive growth and promotes an inclusive knowledge society. Secondly, the fostering of a high quality and relevant teaching and learning environment that has a student-centred focus in universities and other higher education institutions. Thirdly, the promotion of public support (including students and staff) for institutional diversification and the value of diversity as well the internationalisation and development co-operation in the higher education sector. Finally, this presentation will explore the relationships between higher education institutions, national and regional governments and the private sector.


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