Julio Terrados



Julio Terrados is the Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Quality at International University of Andalusia and the Professor in Engineering Projects at University of Jaén. He holds a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering (Madrid Polytechnics University) and a MBA (Master in Business Administration). He is Director of the Technical Office for the Strategic Plan of Jaén city, co-ordinator of the Renewable Energies Master and Departmental co-ordinator of ERASMUS programmes at University of Jaén. His research interests focus on energy planning, assessment of renewable resources and strategic planning. He has been Director of the Engineering Graphics, Design and Projects Department (2001), Director of Strategic Planning (2001-03), and Director of Strategic Management (2003-07) at University of Jaén. H has been Quality Engineer and EFA Project Control Manager at Construcciones Aeronauticas S.A. (1989-1992),  International Programmes Manager at Canava Electronica S.A. (1992-93) and Director of the Jaén Energy Agency (1998-2000).


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