Jesús D. De La Rosa



Jesús D. De La Rosa is the Vice Chancellorr of Research of the University of Huelva. Between 2006-10, he was Manager of Research and Central Laboratory of the University of Huelva. He obtained a PhD in Geology from the University of Seville in 1992. He was  Associate Professor at University of Huelva from 1993-96 and since 1996, he has been tenured Professor. Research interests are: Petrogenesis and Geochemistry of Igneous and Metamorphic rocks of the Iberian Massif, Argentina and Norway and Geochemistry of atmospheric aerosols and atmospheric pollution. He is Head of the Associate Unit on Atmospheric Pollution in the National Research Council of Spain-University of Huelva (CSIC-UHU) and has carried out several  projects on Geochemistry of atmospheric aerosols and air quality in Andalusia.


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