Intercultural education: Three Cultures Foundation promoting respect and mutual understanding in the Mediterranean


Elvira Saint-Gerons Herrera, Three Cultures Foundation

To promote dialogue, peace and respect among peoples and cultures of the Mediterranean is the main guiding principle of Three Cultures Foundation. Culture through education is the best vehicle to encourage dialogue in different difficult political contexts. In today's world, there is an epoch of confrontation in which the exacerbation of particularisms spark off continuous conflicts and social exclusion. Three Cultures Foundation promotes the coexistence among cultures and religions by means of mutual understanding and the interchange of ideas and experiences to encourage an approach among peoples of the Mediterranean. Some of the tools we have is our links and common programmes is universities from all over the world such as Cambridge, Oxford (UK), Tres de Febrero, Austral (Argentina), Autónoma de Madrid, Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain), Rey Juan Carlos I (Nueva York), Harward (USA), University of Tel Aviv (Israel), Abdelmalek Essaidi (Morocco) and Bethlehem University (Palestinian Territories) plus the ongoing collaborations with the Cervantes Institutes, summer courses (UNIA and UPO), language courses (Arab and Hebrew) at Cátedra Al andalus and our official master degree in International Relations and Affairs as well as our wide spectrum of publications.


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