Ingo Rollwagen



Ingo Rollwagen is a Senior Analyst for Deutsche Bank Research, the think tank of Deutsche Bank. His work consists of corporate foresight and strategic support for the board members and clients of Deutsche Bank. He is monitoring developments in education systems and markets; identifying emerging value-creation opportunities of different industries in the structural transition knowledge economy. Before joining Deutsche Bank Research, he has been working for several years for DaimlerChrysler´s Society and Technology Research Group in Berlin, on foresight and strategic projects for different business units of DaimlerChrysler and other institutions. Rollwagen has a strong background in technical studies, sociology, strategic communication, business administration, organisational design, economics and moderation techniques. He has been working as an expert for the European Commission, several regional and national governments and other institutions concerning education, lifelong learning, technology assessment, foresight and future technological, societal and economical developments.


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