How To Align Higher Education With Regional And Business Needs


Federico Gutiérrez-Solana, University of Cantabria 

To develop social and economic development, universities must focus on two areas: the connection with society as a whole, through reciprocal commitments with institutions and public administrations, and secondly, the specific relationship with the business world. This requires public sector research, the transfer of the results and the creation of an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect based on an awareness of the complementary functions of universities, companies and public administrations. To achieve sustainable growth based on knowledge accumulation, a focus must be raising awareness of the importance of knowledge and investing in knowledge institutions.  This economic model could be described by three adjectives: smart growth, based on knowledge, sustainable growth, to be maintained over time, inclusive growth, with the goal of enhanced social cohesion. To comply with these objectives, synergies of universities, companies and public administrations are necessary. Synergies are required to meet the social needs for development and to create competitive and high quality products and services, necessary for economic growth.



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