Euro-Mediterranean University


Joseph Mifsud, Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI)


The Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) was established on 9th June 2008 as an international higher education and research institution. The Joint Declaration of the Paris Summit for the Mediterranean (July 2008) specified EMUNI as one of the priority projects of the Union for the Mediterranean. EMUNI is a unique university, serving as a hub for networking of institutions, communities, cities, and regions, advancing the exchange of students, research and academic staff, the development of joint study programmes and projects in the Euro-Mediterranean regions.  The international dimension of the operation of EMUNI is further emphasised through structured co-operation with several international organisations such as the UN, the EU, the League of Arab States, the Committee of the Regions, Arlem. EMUNI has a service contract with the EU Commission to develop six new international postgraduate programmes in the priority areas of the Mediterranean, with the support of forty three EMUNI experts, including civil protection and disaster management, alternative energies, water, desertification and combating pollution in the Mediterranean, encouraging Mediterranean business development initiatives, higher education and research and maritime and land highways linked to sustainable urban development.


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